About Me

Welcome! My name is Blayde Omura and I am a fourth-year computer science Student at the University of San Francisco. This past summer, I partook in my first technical internship at Malwarebytes as Site Reliability Engineer. I'm very grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to hopefully intern at another company for summer '24.
I am originally from Maui, Hawaii, where I learned the importance of community and strong connections. As I continue my studies and career journey, I hope to expand my horizons and bring back valuable skills, experiences, and technologies to positively contribute to my community back home. Mahalo for visiting my website! Feel free to contact me below.

  • Proficient
  • Advanced Beginner
    C and Python
  • Novice
    HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • August 2021 - Present
    University of San Francisco, Resident Advisor
  • May 2021 - August 2021
    Interrupt Media, Search Engine Optimization Intern
  • December 2020 - August 2021
    Statefarm, Customer Service Representative
  • 2024 (Expected)
    University of San Francisco - Computer Science
  • 2020
    Seabury Hall High School

My Work

Website Crawler

Java web crawler that swiftly processes and filters a user-specified URL using a customizable property file. The program analyzes and summarizes statistical information about the crawl, including the most common words, the longest words, and the total number of words processed, using various java libraries such as JSoup.

Actor's Movie Wall

Java program that efficiently searches a CSV file of 5000 popular movies using binary search algorithm, and displays an actor's filmography. Incorporates a simple user interface and reccomendation algorithm, using custom logic to enhance actor searches to provide alternative results when an actor is incorrectly requested.

Climate Data Analysis

This project utilizes the speed and power of C to effectively process and analyze vast amounts of weather data from NOAA's North American Mesoscale Forecast System. It precisely formats and presents the results in a specified manner, including eleven lines of data for each state, such as average humidity, temperature, and lightning strikes.

Restricted Grep

This program is a specialized version of the UNIX utility "grep," named "rgrep," using the C programming language, which searches for and matches patterns in text lines using a limited set of regular operators. Rgrep reads and filters lines of text from standard input, printing lines that match the specified pattern to standard output.

Birthday Database

Java program that utilizes object-oriented programming, interfaces, and polymorphism to organize and maintain a birthday database. This program has the ability to read and write to a text file, allowing for persistent storage and access to the database even after the program terminates.

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